There are a lot of 24 hour locksmiths in Philadelphia. And, it can be very hard to very hard to spot those locksmiths that are frauds and not the real deal. It can be so easy to call the fraudulent locksmiths and not the real ones that are really trustworthy and reliable. If you need to call locksmiths and you don’t know how to spot a fraud from the legal and genuine locksmith, then you should read this.


No trace of them online

All the best Philadelphia locksmiths are having some sort of advertisement online or even have their own webpage. There will also be a few reviews of previous customers that were satisfied or even not satisfied with their services. There should be some trace of the company that you are looking at.

If there isn’t any trace of them online what so ever, then this should be the first red flag for you. If there isn’t any information about them somewhere on the internet, the changes are that they are a fraud and just there to get some money out of you. Without the service provided that you paid for.

Too good to be true

This is a really good saying: Too good to be true. If you phoning for a quote and they sounds really too good to be true, it is not really going to happen. Then there is something dogging going on around there.

This will then be a good time to search for another 24 hour locksmith in Philadelphia. Don’t get yourself into trouble with a fraudulent company that you can’t trust inside your home. If you are suspicious, rather look for another company that sounds a little better and more trustworthy.


Unidentified vehicles

When you call for a Philadelphia locksmith and they arrive in an unidentified vehicle and there isn’t any trace of the company’s name on the vehicle, then you should also be a little suspicious. The normal company will have their logo and telephone numbers on their vehicles for advertising.

Even, if you are desperate. If the locksmiths arrive in an unidentified vehicle, send them away and start looking for another locksmith. You can’t risk letting just anyone inside your home or car for a locksmith emergency.

Unprofessional personnel

The best companies with the best reputations are normally those guys that are having friendly and helpful personnel that are also professional. You will find that most of the 24 hour locksmiths in Philadelphia have professional and friendly personnel.

You have the right to ask for identification. If they can’t show you any identification, send them away without any hesitation. This is normally the fraudulent locksmiths that don’t want to show identification.

You must realize that when you are calling for a locksmith, they are normally going to enter your house. There are a lot of criminals out there that will try getting into your home and spying on you. This is also normally the criminals that are pretending to be locksmiths just to get access to your homes. When you need to call a 24 hour locksmith in Philadelphia, you should always be careful for the fraudulent locksmiths.

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