How to Spot a Fraudulent Locksmith


There are a lot of 24 hour locksmiths in Philadelphia. And, it can be very hard to very hard to spot those locksmiths that are frauds and not the real deal. It can be so easy to call the fraudulent locksmiths and not the real ones that are really trustworthy and reliable. If you need to call locksmiths and you don’t know how to spot a fraud from the legal and genuine locksmith, then you should read this.


No trace of them online

All the best Philadelphia locksmiths are having some sort of advertisement online or even have their own webpage. There will also be a few reviews of previous customers that were satisfied or even not satisfied with their services. There should be some trace of the company that you are looking at.

If there isn’t any trace of them online what so ever, then this should be the first red flag for you. If there isn’t any information about them somewhere on the internet, the changes are that they are a fraud and just there to get some money out of you. Without the service provided that you paid for.

Too good to be true

This is a really good saying: Too good to be true. If you phoning for a quote and they sounds really too good to be true, it is not really going to happen. Then there is something dogging going on around there.

This will then be a good time to search for another 24 hour locksmith in Philadelphia. Don’t get yourself into trouble with a fraudulent company that you can’t trust inside your home. If you are suspicious, rather look for another company that sounds a little better and more trustworthy.


Unidentified vehicles

When you call for a Philadelphia locksmith and they arrive in an unidentified vehicle and there isn’t any trace of the company’s name on the vehicle, then you should also be a little suspicious. The normal company will have their logo and telephone numbers on their vehicles for advertising.

Even, if you are desperate. If the locksmiths arrive in an unidentified vehicle, send them away and start looking for another locksmith. You can’t risk letting just anyone inside your home or car for a locksmith emergency.

Unprofessional personnel

The best companies with the best reputations are normally those guys that are having friendly and helpful personnel that are also professional. You will find that most of the 24 hour locksmiths in Philadelphia have professional and friendly personnel.

You have the right to ask for identification. If they can’t show you any identification, send them away without any hesitation. This is normally the fraudulent locksmiths that don’t want to show identification.

You must realize that when you are calling for a locksmith, they are normally going to enter your house. There are a lot of criminals out there that will try getting into your home and spying on you. This is also normally the criminals that are pretending to be locksmiths just to get access to your homes. When you need to call a 24 hour locksmith in Philadelphia, you should always be careful for the fraudulent locksmiths.

Who Is a Locksmith and What Does He Do


If you have seen a Philadelphia locksmith then you might be wondering what exactly their job is? Don’t worry; unless you have ever had to use their services, then it is perfectly understandable that you might not know exactly what type of service they provide. Although fundamentally they do what they say on the tin, they look after your locks. This doesn’t mean to say that their job is easy though and you will find that locksmiths actually have a hugely demanding job.

The basics

A locksmith is a person who essentially can change locks on doors, windows and cars. Their services tend to be called for in situations when you lose your keys or you have had a robbery. There main purpose is to ensure that your home is secure and that you can get into your home. They do however require some kind of proof of address before they can get into your home if you have locked yourself out. After all, really, you could be anyone.

Do they work office hours?

You will find that some locksmiths only work office hours however there are plenty of 24 hour locksmiths in Philadelphia, as often their services are needed out of office hours. You will however find that if you call a locksmith out at 3am that they might charge more than if you called them at 3pm however this is perfectly understandable, considering the unsociable more information about locksmith at

How can you be sure that they are trustworthy?

When it comes to securing your home, you want to ensure that the person you hire is trustworthy. After all this person will not only be fitting your locks but they will also be getting a pretty good idea about the layout and contents of your home. If you want to ensure that your locksmith is a professional and not a crook then look online for reviews, as for references and check with the authorities. You can never be too careful when it comes to you and your homes security.

What do you do if you don’t trust your locksmith?

If you have a bad feeling about the locksmith that you have chosen, they the best thing to do is log your concern with the police. This might seem like an overreaction but you can never be too careful. Chances are you chose a legit locksmith but if even the smallest suspicion enters your mind then make sure that it is noted. After all even if they don’t come back to your home, they might at another and your report could be the difference between a family having a nice night and a family coming home to nothing.


In conclusion

Locksmiths offer an invaluable service and they are often underappreciated. If you have lost your keys or if you need your locks changing then these are the people you can call day or night to help. So the next time you see a Philadelphia locksmith walking down the street, don’t forget to smile!

5 Signs Your Emergency Locksmith Might Be a Crook

Emergency Locksmith

If you are in need of an emergency Philadelphia locksmith then you need to be rest assured that the person you have hired is really a professional and that they are well trusted. Entrusting someone to fit new locks onto your doors should not be taken lightly and it is always wise to keep in mind that this person will not only be aware of the types of locks that you are having fitted but they will also have a pretty good idea of the layout of your home.check our blog post from this link.

So what should you look out for?

If you don’t have a regular locksmith and you have to have your locks changed, then you need to know what to look out for, to ensure that you haven’t invited a crook into your home. The problem is of course that crooks will do everything they can to look professional, so unfortunately they do not walk around with I am a crook fastened to their backs. This means that when you are first meeting your locksmith that you might need to play detective a little more than you might have thought.

Mains signs that your locksmith is a professional

You will find that most locksmiths that you come across are actually genuine people, so don’t worry too much about the potential fraudsters. If your locksmith is a professional then you should be able to tell pretty quickly. You can do this by asking them questions about their tools or about the process of changing the lock. This does require some knowledge on your side though, as if you don’t know the answers then you won’t know if they are telling the truth. Most professional locksmiths will also have references from prior clients that you can check to ensure that they were happy with the job too.check it out from the source

Main signs you’ve found yourself a crook

If you are worried about whether your locksmith is legit then there are some pretty easy ways for you to check. You can ask them for references from prior clients or alternatively, have a look online to see whether there have been any reviews left for the person you have chosen. You usually tell a poor workman by the standard of his tools too, so take a look at what he is using. Do they look like they are of a decent quality? If your locksmith looks like they struggling with a simple lock change then this is also a huge indicator that they might not be as legit as they are making out.

Emergency Locksmith

In conclusion

It is really important to ensure that your locksmith is a genuine professional and not a crook. If you make the mistake of hiring someone who isn’t legit then your home isn’t safe and you might as well be just inviting people to steal your things. If you don’t trust your Philadelphia locksmith then keep a close eye on them whilst they are working and check with the authorities after they leave.

3 Learning qualifications For Locksmiths in Philadelphia

Locksmiths in Philadelphia

If you want to become a locksmith in Philadelphia then you will need to undertake certain qualifications to truly be considered a professional. This means that you will have to find somewhere that you can study, although there are many online courses that you can take if you don’t think you can commit to a college timetable. Online courses allow you the freedom to study in your own time and at your own pace. There are three main areas that most good locksmiths cover and they are the fundamentals that any lock-smithing company looks for when hiring.


Although it might not seem that obvious, there are hundreds of people every day that lock themselves out of their cars. This means that there are potentially hundreds of customers a day that you might miss out on without this qualification. You will learn that with auto motives you need to use non-intrusive methods of entering the property. These special techniques are not taught in any other instance as they are not that important when it comes to homes and commercial use. Having this qualification under your belt could really open up being a locksmith in Philadelphia for you.need more locksmith information? visit


Residential homes tend to have pretty simple locks but that doesn’t mean that you will be able to pick them without the proper training. If you want to help people not only get into their homes but protect them too, then you need to learn how to fit and pick residential locks. There are certain rules and guidelines however to fitting and opening residential locks. These rules and guidelines will be outlined to you during your training. It is so important however that you do learn these guidelines because otherwise you could find yourself getting into a lot of trouble, especially if you cannot prove that the home you and unlocking isn’t your customers.

Commercial and institutional

Just like with residential homes, you have a totally different set of rules and guidelines to commercial and institutional buildings. This isn’t the only difference between the two though as you will find that most commercial and institutional buildings require a much higher level of security and locks. This means you will need to be familiar with things such as keyless entry systems and other higher tech locking devices. You will find that gaining your certificates in commercial avenues is well worth your time as it is always a high paying sector to work in.

Locksmiths in Philadelphia

In conclusion

It might be tempting to buy the tools and hope to learn along the way but if you truly want to become a professional then you need to learn all the tools and tricks of the trade. Most people don’t want someone who doesn’t have the right qualifications securing their homes, so spending the time to study and eventually pass your certificates is an incredibly lucrative way to become a locksmith. If you want to become a locksmith in Philadelphia and you want to get a great reputation then study first and get jobs later, that way when you do work, you will get it right first time every time.

4 Essential Tools For Car Locksmiths

car key locksmith

Any good professional Philadelphia locksmith needs a good tool kit, but what makes a good tool kit? Most locksmiths have had their fair share of poor equipment over their time in the profession and although a poor workman might blame his tools when it comes to being a locksmith if you don’t have the right tools then you should quite rightly blame them. The important factor when choosing your tool kit is to stay non-intrusive. The last thing you want to do is make the job harder for yourself and that’s when these top four tools come in latest news at

Electric pick gun

Any good locksmith in Philadelphia will know what the importance of a decent electric pin gun. Before the world got so technically advanced people used to have to pick locks by hand and if the lock was damaged then that meant a long and difficult process to get the job done. An electronic pick gun however takes the work out of the process and gets the job done so much quicker. So if you want something that can make your life just that little bit easier, then this is the tool for you.

Cylinder lock bump keys

If you get called out to a job where someone has locked themselves out of their home, then what are you going to do? The answer; you are going to pull out your cylinder lock bump keys. These work by knocking the pins into place that open the locking mechanism. Saving you hours of trying to pick the lock.

Cylinder lock bypass

If you find that your cylinder lock bum keys aren’t working then you are going to have to try something else. The best thing to use in this case is a cylinder lock bypass, this does what it says on the tin in the sense that it essentially bypasses the cylinder lock allowing you to get into the lock without breaking it. This is a great method if your client has locked themselves out of their car as they will not need to replace their whole lock in the process.

Impression tools

If your client isn’t in a rush to get into their car then one of the best ways to sort out their problem is to use an impression tool. An impression tool works but taking an impression of the inside of the cylinder allowing you to not only know exactly what you are dealing with but it also allows you to create new keys from the impression. This means that if your client has lost their keys completely they won’t need to change their lock; they will just have to wait for a replacement key to be made.view related information at this link.

car key locksmith

In conclusion

The best tools for any locksmith are those that don’t cause any damage to the locking system. These tools are called non-intrusive and can often save your client money and time. If you want to be a professional locksmith in Philadelphia then these four tools should always be in your toolkit.

Locksmiths Southport


Are you a Locksmith located in Southport or who can offer a quick emergency 24 hour service and be available 7 days per week? If your Auto Mobile locksmith business is located in this region we welcome you to add your business free. We have provided you with a quick and easy form which can also include some of your special offers for customers who find your details on this web site for locals of Southport Qld 4215 region.

How much does it cost when you are locked out from the door to your car or business premises? For some unknown reasons, locksmiths in Southport have been shy in quoting their door opening prices online. We search local sites and will inform customers who use this page what they will pay for standard jobs performed by Southport locksmiths on a daily basis.

We managed to find one locksmith in the region with a locked out price of $88. We think this is their fee to you for jobs performed during normal business hours. You can contact Danian at Lock King Locksmiths on 0458 631 285. They also offer a service where the lock to your front door does need replacing when you have lost your last key and a whole range of car key services.

Locksmiths can also offer customers rekeying services to existing locks.

They can just change the tumblers of an existing lock and make it work with a unique key code. It will stop previously cut keys from being used for entrance at that home or business. Normally prices should start from $99 which should include the service call out and all work to re-pin the barrel of existing lock.

Additional combination changes start at $25 while on an existing job at your premises. These prices would most likely be applicable during normal hours. Two keys would normally be supplied with every new lock code change for systems not restricted. It may be a good idea to get a master locksmith to perform the installation of a key system which is restricted to the public.check my latest post at

You will never have to pay to get locks recoded when new tenants move in and out of your residential or business premises. Restricted means that only a person who holds an authority signatory is allowed to get keys copied. The locksmith in charge of the restricted system must keep records on how many keys are in circulation at any time. Tenants who now want keys copied to pass on to their friends will need to return all keys from that restricted system on termination of the lease agreement.


Note Locksmiths who provide a 24 hour emergency service to Southport may have different charges for different time periods for emergency customers needing assistance. Break-and-enter repairs are some of the more common areas in which they get calls.

Customers requiring a quote should fill out our online form which is passed on to a local locksmith in Southport so you pay the correct price.

Locksmith Fort Greene

Locksmith Fort Greene

Locksmith Fort Greene Brooklyn welcomes you as you are now making the wise decision in choosing your local locksmith service for your Brooklyn Neighborhood. We fully serve residential, commercial and automotive issues through our locksmith company personnel and we not only install locks and offer emergency service but are also experts at opening locked cars and making new car keys for those of you who have lost your car keys.view their official website at

When you work with our local Fort Greene locksmith service you are working with the best security company in Kings County Brooklyn and this is because of our many years of experience in commercial and residential security.

Our company is comprised of licensed locksmiths and we are experts in enhancing and providing additional security for your home or business. We have the knowledge and experience to see what other locksmith companies over look when inspecting a property for flaws in security and we are familiar with the techniques that criminals use to gain entry to property illegally. This is what separates our company from your every-day locksmith service.

We offer many services to help you when you need a locksmith and we are available at all times for when you need us most. All Locksmiths that we send to service your property or automobile will be licensed and have extensive knowledge of all applications concerning your specific needs. We offer a warranty on all locks and security products that you purchase through our company.

We have the best warranty on workmanship which means that if there is a problem with a lock installation or any work that we complete for your home or business you are guaranteed for up to six months from the initial time of installation.Our company always installs the best quality security products and locks for commercial and residential usage. The brands that we carry are the top names in security and offer many years of use.
We boast of immediate assistance for lockouts and emergency locksmith services in Fort Greene Brooklyn. We focus on fast arrival times and the quickest assistance for people that find themselves locked out of their cars or homes and business.

Locksmith Fort Greene

Iron Works for our customers that need window gates installed for areas on the home that pose a threat to security. We have a saying which states that what good is a lock if someone can enter through a window. Our company has an array of gates both standard and decorative. The gates that we install can be customized to fit any size window and can house air-condition units to make sure that you can be cool in the winter. Our gates are made of iron which makes it very difficult to break and they will give you an edge on security.visit for more details/

Guide to Locksmithing

Locksmithing Advice

From the simple padlock, to locks that implement state-of-the-art technology, such as retinal scanners, locks are manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes, but even a basic lock can prevent an intruder from gaining access to their target. Locksmiths in Leicester are there to provide a number of services. For instance, if home owners have not set up sturdy locks on the outer doors of a home, they will not be able to make a claim for home contents insurance.

We all feel the desire to protect our possessions, and we all know about the opportunists out there, so it’s no surprise that the skills and services of locksmiths are always in demand, and always have been. If you are looking for locksmiths in Leicester, there are a few things you need to know to ensure you engage the services of a professional and knowledgeable locksmith.

Skills and Services

Capable locksmiths in Leicester should not only be able to make and install locks, but also break them. They should be able to provide assistance for any lock and key issue, whether it is home, garden or car related. Some locksmiths are also experts in the field of general security; so locksmithing might just be part of their repertoire of expertise.

Locksmiths will be able to replace misplaced or stolen keys, and also make spare duplicates as a backup for existing ones. Locks become worn or damaged over time, so locksmiths in Leicester will be able to replace aged locks, and sometimes they can even revive old lock mechanisms that are not permitted to be removed due to heritage more information from this website.

If you have had the misfortune of being the victim of a burglary, competent locksmiths in Leicester, in many cases, will be able to mend the damaged locks, or if needs be, fit a replacement. They can even supply items like frames or doors, to replace the ones where the damage has been too extensive. The locks they fit will be of the highest quality to make sure they are compliant with insurance company policies. Door bolts can provide further locking points, hinge bolts will protect the side of the door that is hinged, and window bolts can create a greater sense of security.

Locked out?

If you find yourself locked out, for whatever reason, many locksmiths in Leicester can be called out on an emergency basis. A skilled locksmith should be able to break the door lock without damaging the actual door, and then install a replacement lock. This type of emergency service can be very useful when the alternatives might be breaking a window and climbing in – very undignified.

Locksmithing Advice

Most people normally associate locksmiths with window and door problems, but this is not the case. For instance, locksmiths in Leicester will be able to add padlocks to a shed, or locks to safe to protect valuables. Many locksmiths have a broad knowledge of security issues, so they can offer advice on issues such as insurance and home security, CCTV installation, advanced alarm systems and access systems for properties where a number of people will require access to a commercial property.go to for more details.

Some locksmiths in Leicester will have more experience of offering security-based solutions to commercial businesses, rather than domestic properties.